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Free Initial Consultation

Hypnotherapy is a subject many people are unsure about. We have all heard peoples opinions about Hypnosis, Hypnotists and sometimes Hypnotherapy, we may have read 'stories' and seen Hypnosis 'used' on the television by individuals for showmanship and as 'entertainment'.

My view of Hypnosis differs from what you have probably heard or seen and as usual, the truth is far less dramatic than the myth.

To help explain I have given some information on my website how Hypnotherapy can be extremely useful in helping us with problems, but, sometimes being able to ask questions is the best way forwards.

To make that easier, I offer a FREE initial consultation to everyone.  It is an opportunity for you to ask any questions and for me to explain face to face what is involved in a course of therapy. 

Free initial consultation available to every client

"I would recommend you to anyone. You are highly professional, accountable and transparent and committed to the individual"

"An amazing experience, a truly gifted man with no judgement and a wonderful environment to relearn coping strategies"

"Be Happy, Be You, Be Free"

Mark Altree Hypnotherapy - Swindon.


Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy have been around for hundreds of years - there is evidence of the ancient Egyptians using something which, although it wasn't what we now know as hypnosis or hypnotherapy, was very similar!

This method is sometimes referred to as 'Hypno-analysis' or HA.  It is a way of relaxing the client to the point where the negative or troubling emotions, thoughts or experiences from our past can be released, this gives understanding and as such 'frees' the client from the negative effects, it has been described as 'a kind of mental de-frag'. 

Introspective Therapy is a client lead therapy where the unconscious (or Sub-conscious) part of your mind can identify and neutralise underlying negative influences from the past.  

Most negative influences may well be obvious to you, others may not, but your sub-conscious mind knows what's there and during hypnosis it can begin the 'clean up'. 

Time doesn't heal - it hides.

Introspective therapy is a deeper kind of hypnotherapy and allows your mind to locate those issues, bring them to the front, understand them and release them, freeing you from their negative effects.

This kind of Hypnotherapy can sometimes take a little longer, i.e. requires a few more sessions with the therapist but, the thoroughness of its effects are proportional to the the extra time it takes.

Post Hypnotic Suggestion

Also known as 'Suggestion Therapy'

​This is where a client enters hypnosis and positive suggestions are given by the therapist to the client. These will remain with the client long after the hypnotherapy has finished.  It is the most well known form of hypnotherapy and is commonly used for phobias, stopping smoking and weight loss, lack of confidence  etc.

Introspective Therapy

A little information on the different types of therapy available.

Hypnotherapy is a generic term for various kinds of help which are available to a person via something called 'the hypnoidal state'. That sounds very grand and medical, but, it simply refers to the relaxed and calm state that someone in hypnosis experiences.

When a client is in this state, their conscious 'guards' are allowed to relax allowing the sub-conscious to locate, identify, understand and release the problems or issues from our past.  This 'frees' the client from the negative effects that they have suffered - anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, stress etc.

Some clients will genuinely feel like they have simply had a very relaxing lie down and a chat.

​Hypnotherapy is non-aggressive and non-invasive, it works with your mind to create a positive outcome.

I am able to offer my clients, cognitive therapy,post hypnotic suggestion,           Hypnotherapy, Hypno-analysis and Introspective Therapy, or, if it would benefit the client a combination of any of these.

 What is Hypnotherapy?